About this event

Customer Success Europe is thrilled to be invited by Codacy to speak at Lisbon’s first customer success meet-up on 8th March. Thanks to Shalini Choudhary and the Codacy team for the hosting the event.

This is the place to learn, share and grow your knowledge in this growing field and understand the important contribution Customer Success has in driving a company’s growth.

Join us for an interactive discussion with Customer Success leaders as they share their insights on how CS professionals from a non-technical background play a vital role in tech companies like Codacy, the differences between CS in US and Europe and the challenges of doing CS across EMEA.

Whether you are a Customer Success professional or simply interested in how Customer Success operates, you can get some great takeaways from this session.

On this women’s day, both men and women are of course welcome 🙂


Shalini Choudhary
Head of Customer Success at Codacy
Sue Nabeth Moore
Co-founder Customer Success Europe