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Customer SuccessCamp

Customer SuccessCon London – 4 September, 2018


The worldwide number of Customer Success groups continues to increase at an exceptional rate as more and more companies, and industries, recognize that continuing customer relationships cannot be taken for granted — they must be nurtured and expanded.  But how?  By whom?  With what priorities and metrics?


The fifth annual Customer SuccessCon London will be held on 4th September, from 1-7 PM with a distinguished group of speakers and panelists addressing a variety of key topics.  What is the Blueprint for a viable Customer Success team?  How many individual Customer Success Managers does the company need?  What about handling customers from different languages, cultures and/or countries?  How can customer engagement / user adoption be increased?  How is the profession of Customer Success different in Europe from North America?  What happens when Customer Success teams aren’t successful?


Designed and led by Mikael Blaisdell, Executive Director of The Customer Success Association and Moderator of the 30,000 member Customer Success Forum on LinkedIn, the speakers of Customer SuccessCon include internationally known CS visionaries and leaders like  Kate Forgione, Kellie Lucas, Rav Dhaliwal, Sue Nabeth Moore, Jason Whitehead, and Cyrille Saulnier.  There will be Case Study presentations from Signavio, BazaarVoice and FairSail.  Customer Success Europe is a sponsor for the event.


(Registration is limited to 100 attendees to ensure maximum interactivity and optimized networking. Early-Bird pricing is available until 4 August 2018)  Customer Success Europe members may use code: CSEMBR for a 10% discount.


Customer SuccessCon London – 4 September 2018 – 1-7 PM.

To Register:  http://bit.ly/2GZOy0Y

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The program of Customer SuccessCon is designed for Customer Success executives and team leaders at all levels.  For training of customer-facing Customer Success Managers, the Customer Success Association is offering Customer SuccessCamp London in the morning of 4 September at the same location.


The role of the Customer Success Manager has come a long way from its basic churnfighter and churn-preventer origins, and the evolutionary process is far from being over. While encouraging product adoption continues as a key activity, the CSM must now look further to meeting customer value objectives and identifying relationship expansion opportunities for their company. To meet the new expectations of customers and company, the CSM must persistently extend and sharpen their skills.


Designed for practitioner Customer Success Managers, Customer SuccessCamp London will provide a mix of basic Customer Success professional knowledge and skills-based training, allowing you to immediately improve how you work hands-on with customers to increase success. The course includes access to 10 online training modules for a period of 90 days. (See: https://trituns.co/CSOnlineTraining for more information about the online coursework.)


Customer SuccessCamp London 2018 will cover the following key topics:

•  The Mission of Customer Success: Role, responsibilities, functions and realistic expectations for Customer Success in your organisation

•  What it takes to be a great Customer Success Manager: Skills and competencies that pave the way for maximum effectiveness

•  How to achieve impactful customer engagement: Techniques, tactics and vest practices that move the needle and get your customers to recognise your incredible value


(Registration is limited to 100 attendees to ensure maximum interactivity and optimized networking.)


08:15: Check-In, Conversation

9:00 – 12:00 Customer SuccessCamp London 2018 


To Register for Customer SuccessCamp:  http://bit.ly/2LFCGol