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Customer Success Europe (CSE) and The Customer Success Association (CSA) are holding a joint event in London on April 10th 2018. We ‘re delighted to be sponsored by Gainsight and collaborating with Customer Success Network. Together, we represent thousands of Customer Success professionals across Europe and the USA. Limited to 70 attendees, this day-long event will focus on the Strategy, Structure, Process, People and Culture of Customer Success. The event is designed to be highly interactive (hence the limited numbers) and will feature high-quality attendees and speakers.

We have a wide range of speakers from multinationals, indigenous UK companies and those starting out on their Customer Success journey.

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08:30 – 09:00      Registration and networking

09:00 – 09:15       Welcome including initial insights of Global Customer Success Survey 

                                Peter Lyon, Chief Customer Officer eSpatial and Co-Founder Customer Success Europe              

In collaboration with The Customer Success Association and The Customer Success Forum on LinkedIn, a recent survey has been conducted on Customer Success from a global perspective. Peter will deliver the preliminary findings with particular highlights on the differences between Customer Success in European countries, if any.

09:15 – 09:50       Green Churn Phenomenon

                                Adam Joseph, CEO, CSM Insight

                                Matt Myzskowski, VP EMEA, Customer Success, SAP

We have all experienced it. Customers who appear to be healthy based on health scores and anecdotal evidence, but then unexpectedly downgrade/cancel. Adam and Matt will provide deep insight into this phenomenon and how to spot the real signs and churn. Can we really be formulaic about customers? This promises to be a much debated topic with audience participation actively encouraged.

09:50 – 10:30       Framing Engagement for Customer Success  Driving user adoption, renewal, and expansion.

                                Tuan Pham, Director Customer Success, Anaplan

One of the challenges we face in Customer Success is the taking the responsibility of driving user adoption in our customers organization. We need to become the Champion on behalf of our customer. Tuan will argue that a successful initial deployment is the foundation for user adoption, contract renewal, and expanding ACV. In this session, Tuan Pham, will talk about key challenges facing enterprise application implementations and pragmatic approaches to framing your projects for success. If you planning a Land And Expand Revenue (LAER) strategy or want to listen to how a fellow CS leader has implemented one, then this session will stimulate thoughts and ideas.

10:30 – 11:00        The Emergence of the Customer Success Community in Europe – How we (the CS Community) can learn from each other

                                 Kate Forgione, Founder, CustomerSuccessNetwork.Org

                                 Evin Conway, Senior Manager, Customer Success Salesforce and Co-Founder Customer Success Europe

                                 Steven Lewandowski, Director Global Customer Success, Signavio

Customer Success is growing at an incredible rate. The speed at which, we as Customer Success professionals have to continually adapt and learn is unprecedented. There are no professional development programs like Sales and Marketing have. Yet, we are expected to know how to formulate strategic plans and execute to operational perfection. So how do we learn? One of the answers is through Customer Success Community networking. We will have a panel of founders of such Peer Learning groups to discuss the best methods of networking with your fellow CS professionals.


11:00 – 11:15         Break


11:15 – 12:30         Customer Success Framework Factory

Interactive Workshop for all attendees facilitated by senior CS Leaders. Topics relating to Customer Success will be debated and experiences exchanged. Each group will present their findings to the audience for further discussion. Topics will be selected by the attendees in advance of the day.
Examples of possible topics are:

Staffing for success (finding the right fit – language, technology, etc.)
Capturing and presenting the data to demonstrate value to the outside world; to the CEO
Value for the customer; successful engagement tactics for demonstrating value level agreements to customers
Hiring, development and compensation for CSMs Discovering Customer Goals during EBRs


12:30 – 13:45       Lunch and networking


13:45 – 14:15        Driving continual process change in Customer Success – top challenges and how to overcome them 

                                 Deborah Preston, Global Head of Customer Success, Avantgate

                                 Hannah Chaplin, CEO and Co-Founder, Receptive.io

Customer Success is a constantly moving challenge. At any one time, we may have to make interventions to Strategy, Structure, Process, People and Culture. At the core of our successful Customer Success function will be process and change management. So how do you continually improve Customer Success? Hannah and Deborah are highly experienced change leaders in Customer Success. They will both relay how they overcame their challenges and what the results were.

14:15 – 14:45       Lessons of being a Customer Success leader living outside of HQ

                                 Violaine Yziquel, EMEA, Head of Customer Success Strategy & Customer Advisory at Box

                                 Jennifer Yorke, Managing Director, EMEA Client Success at Bazaarvoice

Customer Success in Europe has many challenges. Language, culture, remote management, time zones. So, what’s it like being a leader of a European Customer Success Operation? Violaine and Jennifer bring along their considerable international experience of leading EMEA Customer Success teams. They will share their challenges of a Customer Success leader outside of their corporate headquarters.

They will disclose the tips and tricks they have cultivated to help them succeed in EMEA despite the challenges of time zones, resources, distance, and more. If you are expanding your EMEA operations or want to share your experiences of running an EMEA function, this is a talk not to miss.

14:45 – 15:15       Building Partner and Customer Success

                                Paul Ferguson, Partner Success Manager, Global Virtual Sales & Customer Success, Cisco

Customer Success is everything, it is everywhere- and it is here to stay. But the conversation is still Customer-focused and the Partner Model is still an area we all need to consider. If you are in Partner-Centric businesses, or you transact through Partners, or are wondering how to get your Partners to join the journey, you will want to know more.

Hear Paul’s account of how Cisco are addressing the subscription economy shift by building up a Customer Success Practice, which is also helping our Partners. During this session, you will learn why and how Cisco became a Customer Success business focused on Partners. You also will get an insight into some of the considerations you will need to take into account, the potential challenges you might face and how both you and your Partners can benefit.


15:15 – 15:30        Break and networking


15:30 – 16:00        The Challenges of Scaling Customer Success

                                Jason Noble, Director Customer Success, Goodlord Ltd

                                Paul Lucherni, Head of Customer Success, Communicator Ltd

So, you have everything perfect as a leader of the Customer Success team. Net Revenue Retention is exceeding even your own expectations. Then, the Sales team exceed their goals and the number of customers you have doubles. Now, you have a new challenge on your hands. All those processes that you thought were running smoothly now need to be re-engineered. Your CSMs are now handling larger and more complex accounts. It is time to scale.

As leaders of rapidly expanding Customer Success teams, Jason and Paul have lived through this journey. They will share how their own organizations went through the challenges of scaling their Customer Success function. It wasn’t all plain sailing – they will share the obstacles and how they managed to overcome them.


16:00 – 16:30       Navigating Internal Challenges Introducing Customer Success in your Organization

                        Shannon Hyson, Global Head of Customer Success for the Financial Times Jason Whitehead, Chief Executive Officer, Tri Tuns

This session will focus on some of the challenges and complexities with navigating internal changes and stakeholders within your organization as you launch and mature your Customer Success team. It will touch on the challenges of defining and agreeing roles and responsibilities of the CS team, managing client hand-offs with sales (especially when they don’t give you the contacts you need at the client organization), as well as how to work with other departments around technical issues, training issues, and unhappy customers at the time of renewal. We will share some real-world examples of specific issues organizations face and some approaches for handling these challenges.


16.30                     Networking and Drinks

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