Andrew Burden's reflections on the Customer Success Unplugged event in London

Andrew Burden's reflections on the Customer Success Unplugged event in London

We’re delighted that Andrew Burden has shared his very positive feedback on our London event in April 2018.

Read what Andrew has to say:


I attended my first customer success event recently (Customer Success Europe Unplugged and came away wishing there had been a customer success group when I was starting out 15 years ago! What a great way to position yourself for success as a customer success leader…I think having access to a focused network, sharing learning with peers, getting a view into common challenges, just that sense of not feeling alone, is truly powerful.

Customer Success Europe Unplugged

I see the customer success group as a powerful antidote to doing it yourself, a way to amplify the customers’ voice within your company, and to present customer success as a growth driver for business. I see this clearly with the benefit of hindsight and a sense of, if I knew then what I know now…


Back in 2003 I had a sales role and one of the career choices offered to me by my mentor was to create a customer service team. I ended up hacking, failing, learning, and building my way to the results as best I could while trying my damnedest to champion the cause of the customer with my revenue hungry colleagues. Along the way I created a first version of a success plan that made a big difference in A/B testing, but I think the customer success network would have turned better results, faster and certainly with less blood sweat and tears! Nonetheless, the sale of that company was a success story of the noughties, and recurring revenues through customer service as we called it then had a large part to play in it. Customer success is a powerful driver for growth and company valuations.


After a break, I got back into the driving seat at a firm that invested well in technology and had an appetite to put the customer first, but needed to transform its proposition to offer true solutions to its customers. Had I tapped into the learning of my peers, I would have found the journey easier to position to the senior leadership team. Note to self and a word to the wise…

Customer Success Europe Unplugged London

The role of customer success is still emerging, and clouded by people’s perception of other forms of customer support as a passive and reactive function, so it is really important to seek better practice from other teams involved in customer success. When I attended Customer Success Europe recently, I captured comments during my time which I hope are useful to you  I recommend going along to the next session in your area and seeing it for yourself, let me know how you get on and if you have quotes to share, do please send them to me so I can add to the series.


Next up for me, I am focusing my time on B2B firms wanting to deepen customer relationships and improve recurring revenues through customer success initiatives…I’m looking forward to the challenge and connecting with more of my peers along the way. Here’s to the customer!