Jason Whitehead's five Aha's

Jason Whitehead's five Aha's

While customer success (CS) was born in the USA (thanks Bruce Springsteen), the CS movement is spreading rapidly across Europe.  Events like Customer Success Europe Unplugged held in London in April this year help to raise awareness, build networks and share experiences.

Jason Whitehead, an American CS leader and CEO of Tri Tuns and regular London visitor spoke at the Customer Success Europe London event and has generously provided his 5 “big ahas”. As a regular CS speaker, Jason also includes insights on CS trends he observed at a recent event in Boston.

We agree with Jason’s bottom line conclusion that no matter where you are (whether in Europe or the USA) CS professionals are generally very open-minded and keen to share emerging best practices.

It’s an exciting time to be part of such a vibrant and enthusiastic community!

Please click here for the Webinar on Jason’s 5 big CS “ahas” from the London and Boston events.

Thanks Jason!