Customer Success Europe Unplugged Dublin: Agenda

Customer Success Europe Unplugged Dublin: Agenda


The theme of the event


The theme of the event will be the key stages of the customer journey including the specific challenges in Customer Success (e.g. Change Management, Developing and Hiring CSMs, etc.).  This will range from Sales to On-boarding, Adoption and Nurturing, Building Health Indexes and Customer Success Reviews.


Event highlights


Customer Success Unplugged is a highly interactive event like no other.  It is run by Customer Success professionals who work in the industry and are passionate about furthering the profession and the CS industry. Customer Success Unplugged provides customer success executives an exclusive learning environment with like-minded executives in an environment of inspiration, strategy, and execution of customer success.


The structure of the event


The event is split into three parts.

  1.  1. Executive Insight from Dan Steinman, Customer Success Author and GM for Gainsight EMEA Customer Journey Stages: The day will follow the high level stages of the Customer Journey – the sale, the on-boarding, building engaging relationships and measuring success.
  2. 2. Success Stories. Listen to Leaders share their stories on how they have not only made their customers successful, but their own careers too.
  3. 3. Interactive Workshops and Collaborative Zones. Join a CS expert and create solutions to problems that you may encounter in the facilitation of Customer Success.


Why you must attend


The definition of Customer Success is still fragmented and the responsibilities of a Customer Success Manager can vary widely from organization to organization. Customer expectations are growing rapidly and we are still navigating through uncharted waters – inside and outside our own organization.


Customer Success as a function, as a career and as valuable revenue contributor is still evolving. This is the only independent Customer Success event run by Customer Success professionals. We understand the value of networking with like minded people and every time we run an event, the takeaways are incredible. Why? Because everyone needs a mentor or a professional colleague to collaborate with. If you are in Customer Success, don’t miss this.



What you will get


Customer Success Unplugged will deliver the following:-


  • • Networking opportunity with other Customer Success professionals
  • • Insights from Customer Success evangelists and leaders
  • • Highly interactive workshops
  • • Deep dives of specific stages of the Customer Journey
  • • Insights into the career prospects for Customer Success professionals
  • • Automatic membership into Europe’s fastest growing independent Customer Success Network


Who will attend and how many?


This event is for Senior Customer Success leaders and is limited to 80 attendees (we have sold out the last two events).






Time Detail / Abstract / Topic Speaker
8:30 – 9:00 Registration and Networking
9:00 – 9:15


Introduction and Setting the scene for the day Peter Lyon

VP Customer Success


9:15 – 9:45 Executive Insight: Making your Customer Success Strategy a reality – Process, People and Technology Dan Steinman

Chief Customer Officer


9:45  – 10:15


Customer Journey: The Powerful combination of Sales and CS working together.


Every Customer Success journey starts with the Sales process.


As VP Sales, Robin will share his views on how CS and Sales must work together at all stages of the customer journey.


The discussion will look at when to bring Customer Success into the sales cycle;

How CSMs should engage with Sales to identify up sells opportunities;

Customer Success and Sales working as a team to ensure the customer achieves their desired outcomes.



Robin Fisher  VP Sales, Salesforce
10:15- 10:45


Customer Journey: Key challenges in Implementing and measuring Successful On-boarding of Customers.


Jenna Lindberg is a Senior Customer Success Manager for EMEA for Mixpanel.


A seasoned CS professional, Jenna will share her how Mixpanel approaches its On-boarding processes. She will share with us how they implemented their On-boarding processes; what the challenges were in implementing the processes; how successful On-boarding is measured; and the key learnings.


We are expecting this to be a highly interactive session so we are extending it to 45 minutes

Jena Linberg, Senior Customer Success Manager, EMEA, Mixpanel
10:45 – 11:15 Coffee and Networking


11:30 – 12:30 Interactive Workshop  and Collaboration Zone



Workshop 1 – The first 90 days as a leader of customer success

Facilitator – Peter Lyon


Workshop 2 – Building an Awesome Customer Success Plan

Facilitator – Violaine Yziquel



Workshop 3 – The CSM Interview Kit – Best practice in interviewing CSMs.

Facilitator- Evin Conway


These sessions are highly interactive workshops facilitated by leading Customer Success leaders.


Come learn what other CS professionals are doing and/or contribute to the conversation. After the event, the output will be placed on the CSN channels.


12:15/30 – 13:30 Lunch and Networking


13:30 – 14:00





Success Story: Proving the value of Customer Success to the C-Suite.


Adrian will step through his journey during the last 2 years as the pioneer for Customer Success with Tanium. His journey has been ALL about proving the value….first the value of big ideas…then testing those ideas at a macro and micro level….then hiring the first few rock stars to continue to prove the function and role has value….now in year 2, it is all about truly quantifying that value up the chain to the C level.

Adrian Beck

Senior Director Customer Success


14:00- 14:30


Customer Journey: Creating engaging Customer Conversations.


Do you know what is really happening with your customers? In their industry or in their company? Do you understand their ecosystem enough and the use cases that would help position your solution at best?


It’s not about checking in! It is about understanding derived value, listening to what’s changing in your customers’ environment (internal and/or external) and continuing to deliver successful outcomes.


This session will highlight tips to engage in a way that matters to the customer, with an on-going focus on challenging the status quo – ultimately allowing you to build your own credibility as a trusted advisor and long-term partner.

Violaine Yziquel

Head of Customer Success Management & Strategy


14:30 – 14:45 Coffee Break
14:45 – 15:30


Interactive Workshop  and Collaboration Zone – Part 2


Workshop 1 – Skills and Competencies for CSMs

Facilitator-Peter Lyon


Workshop 2 – measurements of customer success

Facilitator to be confirmed



Workshop 3 -Customer Success technology (what everyone is using)

Facilitator to be confirmed


These sessions are highly interactive workshops facilitated by leading Customer Success professionals (2 for each session)

15:30- 16:00 Customer Journey – How do you know your software is being adopted correctly and delivering the desired outcomes ? Is NPS enough to gauge the status of a customer? Mixing the Qualitative with the Quantitative.


Sandra Morris

EMEA Manager of Customer Success


16:00 – 16:30 Success Story – Dealing with diverse customer segments across EMEA and the rest of the world is a daunting challenge for any CS Leader. Growing a Customer Success Team and finding the right balance between 1-to-1 and 1-to-many for a customer base in the thousands is a challenge. As is migrating your approach to markets across the globe, fitting it to the local customer base while respecting cultural differences and making it work in smaller teams.


We’ll also talk about the time to add a CSM to the global teams, how many hats should your “lone survivor” wear and what should their profile be?

Steven Lewandowski,

Director of Global Customer Success,


16:30 – 18:30 Closing Remarks & Networking with drinks reception