About us


Customer Success Europe is an organisation founded by 4 customer success professionals whose paths crossed during different CS events in Europe. They decided to come together and create a Customer Success Europe group as a resource, networking and peer-to-peer learning forum for like-minded CS professionals.  Events have taken place in Dublin, Ireland and events are planned for London on 10 April 2018 and regular meet-ups take place in Paris.  We plan to expand the range of cities during 2018, including Amsterdam and Lisbon.  If you’d like to get involved please CONTACT US



Our goals spell SCALE:

  • To help SCALE CS in companies
  • To help SCALE the role of CS in Europe

Our Goals (SCALE)


CS leaders and professionals share:

  • Best practices and experiences during CS events across Europe
  • Framework Factory ™
  • Consultancy services


Create the biggest community in Europe for like-minded CS professionals to connect and network:

  • During events and meet-ups
  • Access to community members


Anticipate the developing role of the CS movement in Europe:

  • Role trends, benchmarks and needs
  • Job trends
  • How CS serves emerging business models in Europe


Learn from leaders and peers at events, meet-ups and courses:

  • Collective learning of the CS Europe group
  • Framework Factory ™
  • Content: blogs, podcasts, whitepapers


Evangelise CS in Europe

  • Contribute to positioning CS in Europe as an indispensable and scalable business driver
  • The Why, What and How of CS: events and content
  • Create partnerships to spread the CS word (sponsorships and local European chapters)

Customer Success Goes Local

Dublin, Paris, London, Lisbon, Amsterdam

Our Partners

Customer Success Europe is sponsored by international and local European companies sharing the passion and interest of spreading customer success mantra in Europe.

Customer Success Europe works in partnership with the Customer Success Association (CSA) to spread the word of the CS movement.

 Effective software logoCustomer Success Europe is supported by Effective Software.
If you are interested in sponsoring the Customer Success European community, we’d be delighted to hear from you.