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Customer Success Europe is a community which aims to connect Customer Success (CS) professionals in Europe to facilitate serious conversations about the strategy, organisation, processes, people and technology of customer success.


In the age of the customer, CS is a response to a rapidly evolving business landscape (recurring revenue business models, power shift to the customer, new entrants, transition from products to services, ease of opting out…).


CS is a strategic business mindset based on providing continual added value in order for customers to reach their desired business outcomes as their internal and external contexts evolve. In turn, customers will remain continually successful and loyal, invest more to gain more and even spread the word to others.

While Europe is following the USA in terms of customer success execution, there is growing demand for CS professionals in Europe to share their experiences and learn from each other’s best practices as this new role emerges. In parallel, there is a need to take into account European local culture, business etiquette, language, regulations and CS maturity.


Customer Success Europe aims to create this connexion between customer success professionals in Europe to evangelise the “why”, “what” and “how” as this new role emerges and postions itself as a new business growth driver.


Customer Success Europe Goals

Our goals spell SCALE, because we want to help SCALE Customer Success in companies and SCALE the role of Customer Success in Europe

Participants engage in a previous event in Dublin

Let’s Connect

Images from our most recent Customer Success Europe Unplugged event in London.


"I think having access to a focused network, sharing learning with peers, getting a view into common challenges, just that sense of not feeling alone, is truly powerful."

Andrew Burden

"The event in Dublin was really worthwhile. The speakers were excellent and mixed with the more collaborative sessions the day gave a lot of opportunity for thought and ideas. I would definitely recommend the day for Customer Success leaders."

Paul Lucherini

Head Customer Success, Communicator
"A great opportunity to meet with Customer Success peers and management to discuss CS challenges and working out solutions."

Patrick Clifford

Customer Success Manager, Citrix
"Valuable forum for European CS leaders to connect, discuss and reflect on CS challenges - especially those unique to region".

Andrew McNeile

VP Customer Success, Popullo
"This Event has become a fantastic learning forum for CS Managers at any level and must now be considered the go to Customer Success Event for anyone looking to either improve or implement a Customer Success process within their organisation."

Billy O’Brien

Director Customer Success, Effective Software

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